31 South Tampa Neighborhoods You Should Move To

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South Tampa is one of the best places to live in. Here, you’ll find beautiful homes of all shapes and sizes. And, if a historic home is not within your budget, there are also more affordable homes for sale in South Tampa, such as luxury lofts, townhomes, duplexes, split-levels, and condos.

Aside from this historic district’s wonderful residences, South Tampa also offers close proximity to numerous beaches, a wonderful shopping and dining experience at the many boutique shops and independent restaurants in the area, and various festivals and live music events to look forward to.

If you are considering moving here and are not certain which among the many wonderful South Tampa neighborhoods to choose, we’ve listed all the best ones – a total of 31 neighborhoods – in the area to help you decide.

The Best Neighborhoods to Live in South Tampa, FL

This neighborhood is ideal for families looking for a home close to the MacDill Air Force Base as well as other parts of Tampa, FL. Beautiful beachfront luxury homes line the eastern shore of the neighborhood offering breathtaking views of the city.

Bayshore Beautiful is an excellent neighborhood for those looking for a convenient and comfortable home in the city. There is a diverse selection of luxury homes with lots of bedrooms, ample floor space, spacious yards, and other features.

Bayshore Gardens offers a selection of home options, including condominiums, apartment buildings, complexes, and townhouses that feature comfortable designs that match the busy lifestyle of professionals. There are single-family homes in the neighborhood as well, if you’re looking for a more traditional suburban house.

This is the perfect community for those who are planning to start their own family, as there are plenty of homes with two to three bedrooms, which are spacious enough for the entire family without breaking the bank. There are bungalows and small villas as well for young professionals.

The homes in this exclusive luxury subdivision are some of the best residential real estate properties in Tampa. The beachfront houses are especially in high-demand as these come with their own small dock.

Beach Park


An exclusive neighborhood with only one entry-point. The residential lots in this community are quite large, with ample space for a sizeable house with lots of outdoor upgrades. Most homes come with a private pool in their backyard and well-maintained lawns in the front.

Bel Mar Shores is a beautiful suburban subdivision in South Tampa, FL that offers relatively affordable beachfront properties. There’s a mix of newer custom-builds with modern features and amenities and older ranch-style residences that are perfect for those who prefer to move into a single-story home.

This neighborhood features a diverse selection of properties, including affordable starter homes and mid-priced single-family residences, so you can choose which one suits your preferences and budget.

Courier City is conveniently located near Downtown Tampa and the University of Tampa, making it an excellent choice for families, professionals, and those looking to invest in rentals.

Courier City

These neighborhoods are perfect for families, with comfortable living spaces, ample bedrooms for the kids, and large backyards. The area is located relatively close to various business centers, including those in West Tampa and the Downtown district.

Culbreath Isles is a highly sought-after premier subdivision because of the beautiful million-dollar luxury homes that feature exquisite custom architecture, lavish furnishings, well-landscaped green spaces, and large backyards with private pools.


Davis Islands is the perfect place to buy your new home if you want to live away from the busy urban streets of Tampa, Florida. The community isolated from the mainland with a few bridges connecting the islands.

This lovely suburban neighborhood offers a mix of residential communities and well-developed commercial areas. There are plenty of apartments here, making it an excellent choice for those who want to buy a unit either as an investment or as an affordable starter home.

The Gandy and Sun Bay South community is an excellent choice for families, with its schools, public parks, and shopping malls that provide all the conveniences you would need in your new home. The neighborhood is just a short drive from the nearby military base and business centers in the area.
Gandy-Sun Bay South

Golfview is one of the neighborhoods in South Tampa that offers some of the best residential real estate properties. Here, you’ll find luxury homes with their own private gates for added security and privacy, as well as more modest single-family homes if you are looking for a more affordable house in the neighborhood.

This neighborhood is just a short drive away from Downtown Tampa and the University of Tampa. It features beautiful suburban single-family homes and there are lots of restaurants, shops, and schools in the area, making it a perfect choice for those who are looking to move into this location with their family.

This well-developed community is located directly south of the Downtown district of Tampa, FL. The high-end residential developments on the island typically feature custom architecture with lavish designs, exquisite landscaping, and modern amenities. The backyards have a private swimming pool and well-maintained green spaces. Beachfront residences come with a private dock.

If you want to live right next to the heart of the city, move to Hyde Park. There are spacious single-family homes with multiple bedrooms and large backyards that are perfect for raising a family, as well as luxury condominiums for professionals. The neighborhood is just a short 15-minute drive from the Tampa International Airport.

Because of its close proximity to the downtown district, this neighborhood appeals to professionals working in the city center and staff going to The University of Tampa, as well as investors who plan to rent out their property in the area.

If you’re looking for more affordable homes in South Tampa neighborhoods, this is the place for you. The properties in the area are priced relatively well compared to its close location to the downtown district of Tampa.

North Hyde Park is a compact neighborhood less than two miles west of Downtown Tampa. This place is brimming with historic charm and modern development. Residents are surrounded by locally owned restaurants, cafes, and shops that are scattered throughout the community.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable starter home, or a property to invest in, there is a great selection of older homes and new constructions that will fit your preference and budget in Oakford Park.
Oakford Park

Old West Tampa is one of the city’s older neighborhoods. Many properties in the area built during the 1950s to 1970s are perfect to buy if you are looking for an affordable starter home or if you would like to invest in a rental home or rebuild older houses for additional equity upon resale.

This gorgeous South Tampa neighborhood is known for its European charm, laid back atmosphere, brick-lined streets, specialty boutiques, and the Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club. Move here if you want to be living just minutes from downtown, SoHo, and Davis Islands.

Palma Ceia Pines is perfect for professionals because it’s located near Downtown Tampa, and the neighborhood provides convenient access to everything, including stores, restaurants, and bars. Here, you’ll find moderately priced homes that are near the city center.

Like the other neighborhoods in South Tampa, Palma Ceia West is the perfect bedroom community for busy professionals working in the downtown district or the nearby St. Petersburg. If you prefer to live in a well-developed neighborhood close to everything you need, move here.

If you’re looking for a luxury home in South Tampa, you will have a wide array of large residences with ample space for multiple vehicles and extra bedrooms to choose from at Parkland Estates.

Rattlesnake is a bayfront neighborhood along West Gandy Boulevard with direct access to both Downtown Tampa and St Petersburg. If you’re in the market for a comfortable home for your family that is close to schools, shopping centers, and major highways, this is the perfect place for you to move into.

Sunset Park is the perfect place if you want to live in the quieter area of Tampa. It’s also an ideal neighborhood for families, as the homeowner’s association hosts movies in the park, carnivals, and all kinds of events.
Sunset Park

Swann Estates is another beautiful suburban neighborhood that offers the perfect homes for families, with multiple bedrooms and ample living space. The community also appeals to investors looking to buy a rental home.

Virginia Park offers a wide range of homes for buyers of all ages. Single-story ranch-style homes and two-level houses with first-floor masters are ideal for elderly buyers or those with physical difficulties climbing up and down the stairs. There are also a lot of good deals for those in the market for an affordable starter home.

31 South Tampa Neighborhoods You Should Move T

South Tampa, FL is indeed an amazing city to move to. If you want to explore your home options within the neighborhoods in this area, I’ll be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact me at (813) 789-2096 or send me an email at Realtor@EllenZusman.com to schedule an appointment.